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Eckermeister Backline Rental

Sorry - the backlinerental is currently out of service

• Slingerland drumset mid 60ies, champagne sparcle, 20/13/16"
• Slingerland drumset
early 70ies, red foil finish, 24/14/18"

• Ampeg SVT head and 8x10" cabinet
• 1975 Ampeg V4B basshead
• Sound City 120 Mark 4 basshead
• 4x10" cabinet

• 1969 VOX AC30 ( switchable to 15W output )
• 1975 VOX AC30, Silver Bulldog speaker
• 1972 Fender Super-Reverb, AlNiCo speaker
• 1972 Fender Vibrolux-Reverb, Oxford ceramic speaker
• 1979 Fender Deluxe-Reverb, circuit changed to blackface specs., bright-switch
• 1976 Fender Twin-Reverb, 100W, Master-Volume
• 1976 Fender Pro-Reverb, 45W, Master-Volume

• 1976 Fender Dual Showman-Reverb, 100W, Master-Volume, matching 2x15" JBL-loaded cabinet
• Fender Pro-Junior
• Sound City 4x12“ cabinet

• Clavia Nord Stage 88 stage-keyboard
• Korg Poly800 synth 

• keystands, guitarstands, 230/115V transformers 

All gear is well maintained to achive good tone and musicians satisfaction.

Other gear available on request. I also do soundtech and tourmanager services troughout Europe. Please contact me for a quote. 

List of customers:

Built to Spill, I´m from Barcelona, Chuck Prophet, James McMurtry , Andrew Bird, The Shins, The Schramms, Souled American, Continental Drifters, Todd Thibaud, Mushroom, Michael Hall, Pernice Brothers, Steve Wynn, Rich Hopkins, Little Blue, Chris Cacavas, Dan Baird, The Cynics, White Hassle, Cul de Sac, Sin Ropas, The Fiery Furnaces, Kim Salmon and the Scientists, Migala, The Last Vegas, Marah, The Great Crusades, Green on Red