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Fine Handmade Effects


Overfuzz Sofajams Edition

Limited edition of eleven units.
Developed in colaboration with Chris Noack.
Graphic design by Henner Papies.

Very versatile breathy fuzz from "Satisfaction"- like sounds to blocking-distortion stutter. Swichtable low-boost. Works great with bass also.

Input impedance 1MOhm
True-bypass switching
9VDC operation


Dirty Compressor

Variable-mu compressor for guitar or bass
The compression effect is achieved by shifting the DC-operation point of a Junction-FET. This adds harmonic overtones at the same time.

Input impedance 1MOhm
True-bypass switching
9VDC operation

Overcarsten Overdrive

Built like an amp - sounds like an amp!
Design directly evolved from a tube-circuit. Handwired on tagstrips with high quality components and selected FETs. Special circuitry to achive the same dynamic response as a tube guitar-amp. Now with treble boost- and roll-off pot and switchable low-cut.

Highly touch-sensitive overdrive effect. Soft distortion without unpleasant and harsh treble. Natural compression,  just like an amp with tube-rectifier. Character of the effect adjustable with HONEY control.
A special highlight is the overcarsten at settings where it "just breaks up". Here it provides a touch-response and riches of tone otherwise only known from real amps and at significantly higher volumes.

Great also as clean-boost or as distortion for bassguitar.

For a raving review, click here !


Supply voltage: 9VDC pin negative on barrel-type connector 5.5x2.1mm (older units use 12VAC)
Max. current: arr. 100mA
Input impedance: 1Megohm
Recommended load at output: 50 kOhm or greater
Switching mode: true-bypass
Dimensions (without powersupply) : 147x106x70 mm